Hatsune Miku becomes the official ambassador for POCARI SWEAT!


”Body Hydration in Winter” ver.

It has become the season when drying is a concern.
POCARI SWEAT is recommended not only in the sweaty summer, but also during the winter when the air is dry!?
Hatsune Miku, while taking a walk in the park in winter, will tell you the reason why.
The new song "Neo Neon" was written by producer DECO*27, whose rock-based music and impressive melody has made him skyrocketing in popularity.
Le't enjoy the dry season with the help of "POCA hydration" by POCARI which keeps you hydrates for a long period of time.

【Music production】
◆ DECO*27
Official SNS:https://twitter.com/DECO27

”Winter Habits” ver.

This winter, people's awareness toward health issues has increased more than ever.
A movie depicting the health habits of ambassadors has been completed!
Celebrating it's 5th anniversary in 2020, the new 5th anniversary theme song "Stage (Songwriter and Composition: JimmyThumbP)" has been created by JimmyThumbP for "Hatsune Miku Symphony", a concert which offers beautiful renditions of VOCALOID songs performed by full orchestra, which the soft melody is also the focal point.
Handwashing, gargling, eating healthy, sleeping, and rehydrating before feeling thirsty.
We hope that you can stay healthy with your daily reminder.

【Music production】
◆ JimmyThumbP
Official SNS:https://twitter.com/jimmythumb


I, Hatsune Miku, am going to take on the role of POCARI SWEAT ambassador!
As beyond2020*, I and other virtual talents are going to share the importance of hydration and what's so irresistible about POCARI SWEAT!

From now on, we're going to deliver heaps of useful information and special songs for people all over the world, to help them survive the scorching Japanese summer! I hope you'll look forward to it!

* beyond2020

With an eye to 2020 and beyond, this cultural program will contribute to the creation of a legacy befitting a maturing society that will make the next generation proud, through Japan's strength which consists of its local and diverse culture.


A greeting from Hatsune Miku, POCARI SWEAT ambassador.

Hatsune Miku becomes the ambassador for POCARI SWEAT! The dream collaboration with virtual talents is here!
Otsuka Pharmaceutical and Hatsune Miku will team up as beyond2020 to share the importance of hydration and what's so irresistible about POCARI SWEAT!

Nechusho No!No! feat. Hatsune Miku &MEIKO

A news program called “News 39” presented by Hatsune Miku and MEIKO in collaboration with Mitchie M.
Along with the song "Nechusho No!No!", we will also bring you weather reports and measures against Nechusho(heat illness) together with all our Virtual Talent friends! We hope you'll find it useful!

【Music production】
◆ Mitchie M
Official Site:https://www.mitchie-m.com

Virtual Tokyo Supply Girls 2020 Run into the Blue ver.

Hatsune Miku and the POCARI SWEAT Ambassadors are starring in a web movie for POCARI SWEAT, the official drink for the Tokyo 2020 Marathon!

POCARI SWEAT is always there for the athletes running towards their goal.
Miku and her friends appear as POCARI SWEAT spirits, supporting the runners through their fatigue, singing and bringing them the suppliment they need.
The music for "Run into the Blue" is by Marasy, a pianist who gained visibility on the internet, whose videos count more than 600 million views and whose YouTube channel boasts over 1.5 milion subscribers.

This clip will bring anyone who watches it a lot of energy and positivity!

SHORT Ver.:https://youtu.be/zarK2iEGXGM

【Music production】
◆ Marasy
Official Site:https://marasy8.jp

"Sweat It Out!" ver.

Getting your body used to the heat by taking a good sweat is very important to prevent Nechusho(heat illness)!
Sweat plays an important role in regulating your body temperature, because it relieves the heat from your body as it evaporates.
So, "Let's do sweating practice before the hot summber comes!"
This is the message the video wants to convey.
The catchy tune that accompanies the video was written by creator Giga, composer of the hit song "Rettou Joutou (BRING IT ON) feat. Kagamine Rin/Len" which boasts over 19 million views on video sharing sites.
What kind of sweating practice are the POCARI SWEAT Ambassadors up to?

【Music production】
◆ Giga
Official SNS:https://twitter.com/GigaMozuku

"Let's Cool Off From the Core" ver.

Hatsune Miku tries the new "POCARI SWEAT ICE SLURRY", a POCARI you can freeze!
With this performance, she's showing her appreciation for POCARI SWEAT ICE SLURRY after drinking it.
Like in the "Sweat It Out!" ver., the music was written by Giga.
An ice slurry is a mixture of small ice particles and a carrier liquid. Despite it being a frozen beverage, its thick texture helps create a long-lasting refreshing effect. In addition, POCARI SWEAT ICE SLURRY contains water and electrolytes, making it a strong ally against Nechusho(heat illness)!
Protect yourself against Nechusho(heat illness) and have a great summer!

【Music production】
◆ Giga
Official SNS:https://twitter.com/GigaMozuku


Virtual Singer Hatsune Miku

A girl virtual singer with distinctive turquoise twin tails.
With her bright and cute singing voice, she performs songs in various genres.

Mirai Akari

"MiraiAkariProject" made its debut on YouTube on October 27th, 2017. Her hobby is ego-searching, and what makes her unique are her butterfly-shaped ribbon and side ponytail

Virtual Singer MEIKO

A female virtual singer sporting a maroon short bob and a red crop top and miniskirt.

VTuber YuNi

Debuted on YouTube in June 2018 as the (self-proclaimed) "world's first virtual singer”. On her YouTube channel, she mainly posts original songs and singing videos.

VTuber Fuji Aoi

A character with multiple talents based on the concept of "your personal cheerleader", mainly focuses on video distribution on her YouTube channel.

Hoshino Ichika
from Project Sekai

One of the characters appearing in the smartphone game "Project Sekai Colorful Stage! feat. Hatsune Miku" scheduled to release in 2020.

Virtual Singer
Hatsune Miku

Mirai Akari

Virtual Singer


Fuji Aoi

Hoshino Ichika
from Project Sekai


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